Molat is an island in north Dalmatia , covered with maquis and pine forests and is the ideal destination for hermits and those seeking hiking treks among a Mediterranean vegetation. The many bays are a frequent destination for sailors. The Molat island is situated in the northern part of Zadar's archipelago. It is southeast of the island of Ist, separated from it by the Zapuntel strait; area 22.7 sq km; population 222.
Molat is mostly under young forests and underbrush. Its mostly low north-eastern coast is indented with numerous coves (the largest cove is Jazi). The south-western coast is largely steep , overlooking the sea, and is less indented. Molat is a peacefull and silent , with secret beaches and numerous hidden bays for swimming and necessary minimum of infrastructures (couple of restaurants and shops). Beaches covered with pebbles, big rocks or sand are probably most beautiful ones on the island.Island is absolutely green and covers with young woods and shrubs. One ferry and one fast boat line daily connects Molat with Zadar and makes it even more exclusive and private place for real vacation